Spirit of Empyrea

Prologue - part 2

(1:18:59 AM)  GameMaster prepares bees in case of a Nick Cage emergency
(1:19:11 AM) Gemini is now known as Reln
(1:19:26 AM) You are now known as Naxitl
(1:19:42 AM) Plastik is now known as Tenoch
(1:21:17 AM) GameMaster: (You're all up to speed Reln?)
(1:21:47 AM) Reln: (I think so, do we need to start with establishing questions, or take it from Tenoch and the guard's quarrel?)
(1:22:32 AM) Tenoch: (I think we planned to exit that scene with the assumption that Reln stood back and watched to assess the situation and transition to a new one)
(1:22:42 AM) GameMaster: (Do we want to continue the old scene or go to the next one?)
(1:22:50 AM) Reln: (Oh, okay, sounds good. We can carry on!)
(1:23:33 AM) Tenoch: (i'm fine with either way, so its up to you since you are the owner of this adventure)
(1:25:00 AM) GameMaster: (well, technically, since it's a new scene and all, the role of the GM should shift, but we can skip that this time)
(1:25:52 AM) Tenoch: (ah ok)
(1:26:08 AM) GameMaster: Ok, Naxitl got carried away in his cage by the guards, Tenoch followed them and now knows in which room he's stored, Reln is doing the super-spy thing and is watching from the shadows.
(1:27:00 AM) GameMaster: (do we want to start before or after the door has a sudden 'mishap' and mysteriously falls to pieces?)
(1:27:42 AM) Reln: (unless Tenoch has any ideas, it may be best to skip straight to the in media res )
(1:28:13 AM) Tenoch: (I'm fine with skipping straight to the door falling to pieces)
(1:28:56 AM) Tenoch: (establishing questions is going Reln-Naxitl-Tenoch or Reln-Tenoch-Naxitl, I forgot)
(1:29:31 AM) GameMaster: (any way is fine by me)
(1:29:33 AM) Reln: (I think Reln-Naxitl-Tenoch, since Tenoch started first last time?)
(1:29:48 AM) Tenoch: (thats fine)
(1:30:02 AM) GameMaster: (I think we did counter-alphabetically last time?)
(1:30:58 AM) GameMaster: The locked door falls to the might of Tenoch. Before him is a dark room, and somewhere in the darkness the sounds of a person can be heard.
(1:31:11 AM) GameMaster: (start Establishing Questions)
(1:32:05 AM) Reln: Has Tenoch's mighty rending of the door alerted any guards?
(1:32:11 AM) Reln: ()*
(1:33:54 AM) Naxitl: (Not yet, but guards will probably come this way on patrol in a short while.)
(1:34:22 AM) Naxitl: (What kind of room is this? What is it used for normally?)
(1:35:25 AM) Tenoch: (Its some sort of audience chamber, likely with Naxitl being a prop used for referencing arguments)
(1:36:07 AM) Tenoch: (How deep within the building is this room?)
(1:36:47 AM) Reln: (Halfway between the grand hall and the central chamber)
(1:39:32 AM) Reln: (How many entrances are there to the audience chamber?)
(1:42:49 AM) Naxitl: Two that are visible; one to the corridor and one that leads to a smaller private room.
(1:45:06 AM) Naxitl: (Where in the room is the golden cage?)
(1:47:14 AM) Tenoch: (upon a raised stone platform in the middle of a grouping of tables in the main debate area of the chamber)
(1:48:15 AM) Tenoch: (what are the furnishing of the room like? and is two rounds of questions enough?)
(1:49:36 AM) GameMaster: (two rounds sounds about right for this)
(1:51:20 AM) Reln: (The furnishings are of the spartan-luxury line; simple wooden chairs have religious symbology carved into them, with cushions that are deceptively comfortable for the rump and back. Several gear-laden pillars spin in homage to the Great Mechanist.)
(1:52:58 AM) GameMaster: (Tenoch, the stage is yours)
(1:55:02 AM)  Tenoch steps into audience chamber glancing about at the comfortable furniture before his eyes settle on the caged Eidolon before him. He kicks a piece of the door away into a corner letting the chained macuahuitl fall lifelessly back to his side. "We meet again little bird"
(1:57:19 AM)  Naxitl sits still, not turning to face the intruder. "I am surprised that you have come here, Tenoch. May I ask you the purpose of this visit?"
(1:59:12 AM) Tenoch: "You mean there is something the living library doesn't know? Well I come seeking information and I require your valuable talents for my cause"
(2:00:28 AM) Naxitl: "I know all that is written, and I don't see you as the type of man that would keep a diary."
(2:01:09 AM) Naxitl: "You have many questions, and I have many answers. Please tell me, what is this cause you speak of?"
(2:02:34 AM)  Reln steps humbly into the room, remaining towards the rear 'pews' of the audience chamber. (( Should I roll a stealth or something? Also, WOULD Nax know what was in a diary? That is BRILLIANT!))
(2:03:59 AM)  Tenoch lets out a loud laugh and takes a few more steps closer toward the cage not noticing Reln. "Reunification through strength. You can feel it can't you? the world is broken and everyone I see is wrong. You will tell me how it is broken, and I will unify it through strength and conquest"
(2:04:01 AM) GameMaster: (no need for a roll, and 'maybe' ;) )
(2:06:26 AM) Naxitl: "Yes, you are correct. Things are not as they used to be. Things are not the way they should be. What was once whole is now broken, and the blood of destiny is tainting all it touches."
(2:07:59 AM) Reln: Lingering, Reln softly breathes on his goggle-glasses, waiting for Tenoch's reply.
(2:08:49 AM) Naxitl: "Hopes, dreams, fantasies and memories, they are all coming together in a violent whirlwind that howls in your soul. You seek to change things, and that is a nobel quest. Are you sure your way is the best way to accomplish this?"
(2:10:54 AM) Tenoch: "I won't know that for sure until I lose, The winner went about things correctly, the loser did not. This means things cannot be as they once were even if the world is forged anew, because it lost, it is dead to me."
(2:11:11 AM) Tenoch: "and I will win, I always win"
(2:11:39 AM) Naxitl: "Might makes right, huh? Is that it? The only rightful leader is the one that carves his own destiny, no matter the cost?"
(2:12:58 AM) Tenoch: "Its the law of the world little bird. A leader without strength with just fall to a stronger one."
(2:13:31 AM) Reln: "If one battle is lost, does it mean total defeat in the war?"
(2:14:02 AM) Naxitl: "Ah, Reln. I'm glad you joind us."
(2:14:41 AM) Naxitl: "Tenoch, you are a man of great strength, and now you've come seeking… What? Knowledge? Wisdom? Or perhaps something else?"
(2:15:20 AM) Naxitl: "Nothing can be accomplished without action, but action must be guided by wisdom."
(2:15:30 AM)  Tenoch looks toward the sound of the voice as his macuahuitl twitches to life. His instinctively lowers his body into a stance many arena fighters have seen before. "It just means the loser was wrong, he was less righteous, he may come back again, if he does not die"
(2:15:50 AM)  Tenoch turns back to Naxitl. "Hence why I am here, even I take measures to ensure victory"
(2:16:21 AM) Reln: "The pleasure is mine, Naxitl. Tenoch. Please, by all means, don't let me interupt."
(2:16:43 AM) Naxitl: "You may be able to kill all the guards in this building, but is that the right thing to do?"
(2:17:04 AM) Naxitl: "Was shattering that door nesseccary?"
(2:18:11 AM) Tenoch: "Unless I wanted to open it with my feet, yes. and those guards serve a foolish leader who does nothing, who may not even know the world is broken. They lead a pointless existence against my cause, they are an enemy"
(2:19:05 AM)  Tenoch Tenoch wiggles his hands displaying his arms chained to his sides. He immediately focuses his attention on Reln again. "Now I think I should be able to continue a conversation and deal with you at the same time" The chained macuahuitl slowly raises.
(2:19:55 AM) Naxitl: "Really now? Who is your enemy? What make them your enemy? Would a slow servant become your enemy for not pleasing your every whim quickly enough?"
(2:20:16 AM) Reln: "Oh, most assuredly. There's no need for violence here."
(2:20:40 AM) Naxitl: "Reln, would you be so kind as to share with us your reason for coming here? I doubt that is was just simple curiousity, and my friend here is looking a bit upset."
(2:21:41 AM)  Tenoch ignores Naxitl's questioning of his ideology and waits for Reln to respond and slow smile creeping on his face.
(2:22:31 AM) Reln: "When Tenoch the Thundering Mountain seeks an audience with the Living Library, it can only mean interesting things could be afoot."
(2:23:41 AM) Naxitl: "And why would such 'interesting things' be important to you?"
(2:25:17 AM)  Tenoch smirks at the title of "Thundering Mountain". "Yes do tell, so I can decide if you are my enemy or not"
(2:28:08 AM)  GameMaster makes a draw to see if the guards are coming
(2:28:11 AM) GameMaster: ,draw
(2:28:12 AM) TheBalance: GameMaster, Fire.
(2:29:17 AM) Reln: "Because there /is/ something wrong with our homeland, but from an enemy more insidious than that which can be cleft in twain. The status quo -" (( I imagine fire = guards? lol )
(2:30:04 AM) GameMaster: (The action was Light, notice stuff. Fire is an Outside Success, they're coming soon.)
(2:30:37 AM) Naxitl: "Tell me Reln, what would you do? How would you change the world?"
(2:33:09 AM) Reln: "I would assure that its fate rested in the hands of the justly wise, I suppose."
(2:33:40 AM) Naxitl: "Who is wise and who is a fool?"
(2:34:41 AM) Tenoch: "Interesting that the Living Library asks more questions than he answers. and You, Reln, how would you propose to put these people in power?"
(2:36:07 AM) Naxitl: "Asking is the first step to knowing."
(2:36:19 AM)  Reln replaces his de-fogged goggle-glasses and looks towards Naxitl. "You tell me, Naxitl. No doubt you've a better grasp on the scope and rhythms of history. And Tenoch – what I wouldn't do is re-enact the flaws of the heresies."
(2:36:46 AM) Naxitl: "I too have had nightmares about all that is wrong in the world. I have heard echoes of histories that aren't, of dreams that never were, of futures that never will be. My heart sings a song of freedom, it dances at the thought of setting things right again. Tell me gentlemen, if I help you find the truth, will you right the wrongs and mend the things that have been broken?"
(2:38:16 AM)  Tenoch raises his macuahuitl and stares at the cage. "That is why I am here"
(2:38:23 AM) GameMaster: A voice from outside pierces the room, a cry of alarm, a call for reinforcements.
(2:39:10 AM) Naxitl: "Then act now, the guards are coming."
(2:39:26 AM)  Tenoch smiles widely and swings at the cage with his macuahuitl aiming to cleave it open.
(2:40:50 AM) Tenoch: "Looks like there might be some glory in all of this after all."
(2:40:51 AM) GameMaster: The macuahuitl strikes the golden bars and cuts right through them. Naxitl falls down onto the floor.
(2:41:41 AM)  Tenoch begins calmly walking towards the door, swaying slightly back and forth. The macuahuitl twitching erratically at the end of its chain.
(2:41:43 AM)  Naxitl slowly stands. He looks old and wrinkled, but glad to have his freedom.
(2:42:34 AM) Tenoch: (oh did you reshuffle the deck after your draw?)
(2:42:47 AM) GameMaster: (I did not)
(2:43:07 AM) GameMaster: (should we do the combat as a new scene?)
(2:43:34 AM) Tenoch: (ah do we only shuffle the deck each scene? and nah its fine)
(2:44:25 AM) GameMaster: (I think shuffling at the start of each scene will work well)
(2:45:02 AM) GameMaster: (if we switch scenes then one of you gets to be the GM, and we can do some EQs about the guards)
(2:45:26 AM) GameMaster: (also, we get some more XP)
(2:46:03 AM) Tenoch: (ok then we can switch scenes
(2:46:04 AM) Tenoch: )
(2:46:26 AM) GameMaster: (ok, XP time!)
(2:47:09 AM) Reln: (Hooray! XP!)
(2:47:36 AM) GameMaster: (trivial, no risk, 1+1)
(2:47:43 AM) Naxitl: (I can see Tenoch being both Determined and Confident)
(2:48:13 AM) Naxitl: (Reln, maybe Curious or Courteous)
(2:48:41 AM) Naxitl: (I've been working on Verbose, but that's up to you…)
(2:48:46 AM) Tenoch: (Courteous fits I think)
(2:49:25 AM) Naxitl: (ok, Reln gets 1 Courteous)
(2:49:39 AM) Reln: (Verbose works)
(2:50:15 AM) Reln: (I'm almost thinking bellicose for Tenoch )
(2:50:20 AM) Reln: (I'm not sure if that's one of the traits listed)
(2:50:44 AM) Naxitl: (I want the speak all languages power for Naxitl eventually)
(2:50:47 AM) Tenoch: (Verbose or Curious would go for Naxitl, but since yall think Verbose, thats what i'd say)
(2:52:04 AM) Tenoch: (Reckless, Determined, or Confident would all work for Tenoch I think, but thats up for yall to pick)
(2:52:04 AM) Naxitl: (1 Verbose for Naxitl)
(2:52:18 AM) Reln: (Confident)
(2:52:22 AM) Reln: (Def. Confident.)
(2:52:22 AM) Tenoch: (i'm just keen to see where Tenoch goes based on his actions)
(2:52:34 AM) Tenoch: (ok so Confidence then?)
(2:52:47 AM) Naxitl: (
1 Confident for Tenoch)
(2:53:17 AM) Naxitl: (and we all get 1 point to allocate as we please)
(2:53:28 AM) Tenoch: (woo)
(2:54:22 AM) Naxitl: (who wants to GM the fight? Reln?)
(2:55:53 AM) Reln: (Sure, I'll give it a shot.)
(2:56:01 AM) GameMaster left the room (quit: Disintegrated: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(2:56:54 AM) Tenoch: ,newdeck
(2:56:54 AM) TheBalance: Tenoch, opened a new deck and ready to draw.
(2:58:00 AM) Tenoch: (brb gonna finish up this sweet tea and get a glass real quick)
(2:58:31 AM) Reln: The clacking of boots announced the presence of a trio of guards on patrol, checking in, as was their rotating recurring duty, upon the Living Library.
(2:59:57 AM) Reln: (est. Q's – Naxitl, Tenoch, Reln ?)
(3:00:50 AM) Tenoch: (back)
(3:01:03 AM) Tenoch: (thats fine if you wanna do it that way)
(3:01:41 AM) Naxitl: (What kinds of weapons, armor and other equipment do they have on them?)
(3:03:29 AM) Tenoch: (they are armed with metal ceremonial armor and each carry a macuahuitl (its a wooden aztec type sword with obsidian shards for the blade for anyone who didn't know already) and shields decorated with scripture passages around the edges)
(3:03:31 AM) Reln: (They're equipped with standard fair musket-pikes and wear a chain hauberks emblazoned with the sigils of the Tech-Pope.)
(3:03:41 AM) Tenoch: (derp)
(3:03:43 AM) Reln: (oh, dur, sorry, GM-habit)
(3:03:47 AM) Reln: (scratch mine)
(3:04:37 AM) Reln: (Tenoch's is much cooler :P )
(3:04:50 AM) Tenoch: (Do they have anything on them they could use to signal more guards? a horn for instance?)
(3:05:03 AM) Naxitl: (Good, I got worried for a second there. We haven't established anything about muskets, chain armour or anything that high-tch.)
(3:12:04 AM) Tenoch: (do de do)
(3:12:38 AM) Naxitl: (Reln, it's your turn to answer the question)
(3:12:53 AM) Naxitl: (In case you didn't know it, I made a quick copy-paste of the elements and their associated actions: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/spirit-of-empyrea/wikis/elements )
(3:13:44 AM) Tenoch: (Fire is best element)
(3:16:45 AM) Reln: (Oh, okay, I thought it was Naxitl, ha! And while they don't have a horn, there is an alarm pulley that rings a bell in the outer hall)
(3:17:27 AM) Tenoch: (<Reln> (est. Q's – Naxitl, Tenoch, Reln ?))
(3:17:40 AM) Reln: ( Bah, je suis un idiot)
(3:17:51 AM) Reln: (Are the guards expecting trouble?)
(3:21:18 AM) Naxitl: (Naturally. If somebody breaks into the room where the priceless Living Library is held then they're certainly up to no good.)
(3:24:14 AM) Naxitl: (Are there any kinds of flammable materials are in this room, besides the cushions?)
(3:25:32 AM) Tenoch: (there are decorative wall tapestries showing religious events around the edges of the room, but nothing else)
(3:26:52 AM) Tenoch: (are the guards hardened by actual combat or mostly just those who are used to easy life standing guard over important people without seeing much real battle?)
(3:30:06 AM) Reln: (One is a seasoned veteran, who is visibly disgruntled at having to 'babysit' these newbies.)
(3:30:33 AM) Reln: (Do we have any more est. questions?)
(3:30:54 AM) Tenoch: (not from me)
(3:30:54 AM) Naxitl: (I think we're good)
(3:31:22 AM) Tenoch: (and I already reset the deck)
(3:32:35 AM) Naxitl: (Who's First Player?)
(3:32:45 AM) Naxitl: (me?)
(3:33:04 AM) Reln: (…Yes)
(3:34:33 AM) Naxitl: "Gentlemen, please, there is no need for alarm. We are just having a nice little chat. Do not be worried, everything is as it should be. Well, apart from that door…"
(3:35:33 AM) Naxitl: (Naxitl is more of a talker than a fighter)
(3:35:57 AM)  Tenoch continues to walk towards the guards. His eyes widening as the chained macuahuitl sways behind him in an almost playful manner. "I dunno if they're gonna believe that little bird."
(3:37:01 AM) Naxitl: "I don't mean you any harm, but my friend here might not be as kind. "
(3:37:21 AM) Naxitl: "It might be best if you just leave quietly."
(3:37:42 AM) Reln: The older guard barks, "Oi, put down yer weapons and maybe we'll peacefully discuss why the Tech-Pope's prize is unfettered, here, aye?" He raises his own weapon in stern defiance.
(3:37:58 AM) Tenoch: "Cowards cannot be saved, running is more detestable than fighting"
(3:38:21 AM)  Tenoch turns his attention to the Veteran "Make me"
(3:39:13 AM) Tenoch: "Know who you are dealing with first though, i'll give you once chance to prove you aren't my enemy"
(3:39:49 AM) Reln: "Always the young-uns," he mutters grittily, readying his own weapon and gesturing to his compatriots. The batlte… is joined?
(3:39:49 AM) Naxitl: (this is when the Mortal Kombat theme starts to play)
(3:40:56 AM)  Tenoch smiles wildly "Show me your righteous ideals!" The macuahuitl springs to life at the end of its chain and hovers above Tenoch's shoulder.
(3:42:09 AM) Reln: (So is this an opposed draw, or a normal draw?)
(3:42:25 AM) Tenoch: (if he strikes me Tenoch will do nothing)
(3:43:04 AM) Tenoch: (so if he's aiming for me, go ahead with a normal, Tenoch isn't attacking them yet, he wants to see what they'll do)
(3:43:57 AM) Reln: (Mainly, I think they're going to try to restrain him for questioning in a cell. So, I guess Fire and being restrained?)
(3:44:42 AM) Tenoch: (if they move to restrain him he'll attack, so in that case opposed)
(3:45:17 AM) Reln: (Alright, so ,draw
(3:45:19 AM) Reln: ,draw
(3:45:19 AM) TheBalance: Reln, Fire.
(3:45:26 AM) Tenoch: ,draw
(3:45:26 AM) TheBalance: Tenoch, Darkness.
(3:45:38 AM) Tenoch: (ouch redraw since I have two fire)
(3:45:40 AM) Tenoch: ,draw
(3:45:40 AM) TheBalance: Tenoch, Light.
(3:46:00 AM) Tenoch: (well I got a minor success and you got a full success)
(3:49:15 AM) Reln: (So, that means the draw is a failure.) As the young guards rush towards the Thundering Mountain, their eagerness at some measure of glory, excitement or perhaps just plain fear gives them a moment's edge against the titan – perhaps if only due to his inaction.
(3:49:43 AM) Reln: (Since they're not actually trying to harm Tenoch, I imagine that's no wounds, so much as they're trying to hold down and now bind his wrists?)
(3:50:15 AM) Tenoch: (my wrists are already bound, i'm surrounded by chains that bind my arms to my sides)
(3:50:41 AM)  Naxitl backs away from the fight and observes the guards in hopes to spot their weaknesses
(3:50:42 AM) Tenoch: (from the chains hang various weights and in Tenoch's case a weapon his macuahuitl)
(3:52:13 AM)  Tenoch laughs as the guards wrestle him down. "What courage!"
(3:52:49 AM) Tenoch: (oh wait, they can't do that)
(3:53:02 AM) Tenoch: (Sure of Foot, I can't be knocked back or down)
(3:53:36 AM) Tenoch: (so they are just trying to wrestle me to the ground and grab me, while I just stand there. either way Tenoch's expression is the same)
(3:53:37 AM) Naxitl: (ok, so you're surrounded and held in place?)
(3:53:45 AM) Tenoch: (basically)
(3:53:53 AM) Reln: "Too much of the ale," Old Grizzly remarks to his subordinates as they struggle to bring the warrior to the floor, failing mightily. "Alright, alright, now." (Yep!)
(3:55:58 AM)  Tenoch continues to laugh and looks over at Reln. "Do you want to dirty your pretty sword? or should I display my righteousness for you?"
(3:58:49 AM) Reln: Up until now, Reln had been doing his best to keep his head down. "I see no need for bloodshed, surely we can perhaps come to another arrangement, instead?"
(3:59:14 AM) Tenoch: "No bloodshed, got it"
(3:59:22 AM) Reln: "What kind of arrangement," Old Grizzly replies slowly, eyes focusing more on Tenoch and Naxitl.
(3:59:43 AM) Naxitl: "Name your price, and you might just get it."
(4:00:34 AM) Reln: "Ow's abouts a night with the Matron Mother," one of the novices squeaks up, to the guffaws of his buddy.
(4:01:41 AM) Reln: (brb, tummy-grumble & restroom – if I'm not back in five, someone take over. :-| No more norovirus! BEGONE!)
(4:02:03 AM)  Naxitl smiles knowingly
(4:02:46 AM) Naxitl: "Such are the ways of the young, always thinking about the pleasures of life."
(4:02:50 AM)  Tenoch lays his head on one of his shoulders. "weakness weakness weakness there is nothing righteous about this" The loose chains hanging off Tenoch's bindings spring to life and dart towards the guards throats in an attempt to strangle them into unconsciousness.
(4:03:16 AM) Tenoch: (now to wait for Gemini)
(4:03:49 AM) Tenoch: (either way gonna Anima Surge a fire success in there for the attack)
(4:03:50 AM) Naxitl: (I'd say that's Fire for the attack and Water to try to dodge it)
(4:04:55 AM) Tenoch: (he's being nice this time, Reln said no blood)
(4:06:31 AM) Tenoch: (also he admires their courage, they can be saved, they aren't weak in Tenoch's eyes hehe)
(4:07:30 AM) Naxitl: (they can be useful as tools in the new world order?)
(4:08:19 AM) Tenoch: (Tenoch may kidnap them)
(4:09:05 AM) Tenoch: (for training and instruction, the veteran would make a good general Tenoch thinks)
(4:09:06 AM) Naxitl: (well, I think we need a good base of operations before we starts collecting minions)
(4:09:20 AM) Tenoch: (fine fine, just knock them out for now)
(4:09:53 AM) Reln: (Okay, back for now – although I think it may be close to time for me to wrap up)
(4:10:16 AM) Tenoch: (check my action, NO BLOODSHED)
(4:10:16 AM) Naxitl: (we can always come back for them later)
(4:10:28 AM) Reln: ,draw
(4:10:28 AM) TheBalance: Reln, Light.
(4:10:42 AM) Tenoch: (Anima surged an automatic fire success on my part)
(4:12:44 AM) Reln: (No bloodshed!? I am impressed.) The minions are no match for Tenoch righteous rebuke (of the physical persuasion), not only for their relative lack of skill – but also by dint of being distracted and having relaxed their guard.
(4:16:12 AM)  Tenoch looks into the face of the Veteran before unconsciousness takes him. "You have courage, find me"
(4:16:57 AM) Reln: The grizzled man slumps to the floor, as the three take off into the night?
(4:17:08 AM) Naxitl: "Now then… Where are we going?"
(4:17:37 AM) Tenoch: "Somewhere that isn't here"
(4:18:11 AM) Naxitl: "Reln, do you have any suggestion?"
(4:18:59 AM) Reln: "I might know of a small inn on the road outside of town, that caters to clientele who prefer their privacy."
(4:19:22 AM) Naxitl: "That sounds like a good idea."
(4:20:05 AM)  Tenoch merely nods and casts a glance back down at Old Grizzly. "He'll make a fine general one day"
(4:20:17 AM)  Naxitl walks up the the minions, reaches into his robes, pulls out an old illustraded guide to lovemaking and lays it down beside the novice who wanted a night with the Matron Mother
(4:20:38 AM) Naxitl: "I have a feeling we will meet them again in the future."
(4:22:16 AM)  Tenoch laughs and starts walking out of the audience chamber. "We'd best hurry, if we run into any more guards I can't make sure to keep my promise of no bloodshed" He looks back to Reln and continues out.
(4:22:58 AM)  Naxitl nods to Reln and follows Tenoch out of the chamber
(4:23:01 AM) Reln: "Poor boy," he says in regards to the one who will undoubtedly attempt to use said guide on the Matron Mother.
(4:23:20 AM) Reln: And he, too, follows after Tenoch.
(4:23:30 AM) Naxitl: (end scene?)
(4:23:32 AM) Reln: (Thanks for the game, guys!)
(4:23:35 AM) Reln: (Yeah, I think so.
(4:23:36 AM) Reln: )
(4:23:45 AM) Naxitl: (XP time!)
(4:24:16 AM) Tenoch: (i'm trying to find a good persona trait for Reln's attempt to negotiate with them)
(4:25:50 AM) Naxitl: (finding good persona traits can be really hard)
(4:26:09 AM) Tenoch: (yeah what was the difficulty anyway?)
(4:26:25 AM) Naxitl: (I'd say trivial)
(4:27:36 AM) Reln: (Yeah, I would also say trivial. I'd say either Reckless or Brave ofr Tenoch. Kind or Helpful for Naxitl. I liked the touch at the end there, ha.)
(4:27:56 AM) Tenoch: (yeah and maybe Furtive for Reln since he wanted to avoid the combat and make it less dangerous for all by negotiating and how he kept his head down)
(4:28:07 AM) Naxitl: (It's part of my creed: A good deed is never wasted)
(4:28:12 AM) Reln: (Sounds good!)
(4:29:08 AM) Tenoch: (Helpful works for Naxitl I think)
(4:29:26 AM) Naxitl: (+1 Helpful it is then)
(4:29:51 AM) Tenoch: (and what do we think for Tenoch?)
(4:31:26 AM) Naxitl: (I can't really see Brave, since the guards were so weak)
(4:32:04 AM) Naxitl: (Reckless… maybe… he does love to fight… I think I can support that)
(4:32:12 AM) Tenoch: (so Reckless?)
(4:32:21 AM) Naxitl: (yeah)
(4:32:47 AM) Tenoch: (k +1 Reckless for Tenoch then)
(4:33:05 AM) Tenoch: (and like I said Furtive probably matches the best for Reln that scene in my opinion)
(4:33:10 AM) Naxitl: (I think I can agree with Furtive)
(4:34:09 AM) Tenoch: (ok I need to update my Persona trait list on the wiki now)
(4:36:28 AM) Naxitl: (oops, I didn't mention it since it was the end of the scene and all, but Naxitl used Always Prepared to create that book)
(4:36:58 AM) Reln: (Yeah, me too. But I think I am going to go lie down now. Also, gf is home and probably infected. :( Take care guys and see you soon! )

Prologue - Part 1

Conversation with #empyrean on Ximni@magicstar.net (irc)
(1:26:47 AM) Ximni: since tonights adventure is my idea that makes me the owner of it
(1:27:08 AM) Plastik: yep yep
(1:28:14 AM) Ximni: my idea: big celebration, lots of heroes and other famous people are invited, music and feast and all that, you two find Naxitl and takes him for a walk, chaos happens
(1:28:29 AM) Plastik: chaos!
(1:28:44 AM) Ximni: this is set pre-Portal, to make things a bit more fun
(1:29:01 AM) Ximni: does that sound ok to you?
(1:29:09 AM) Plastik: so sort of a prologue in essence
(1:29:14 AM) Ximni: yeah
(1:30:22 AM) Plastik: to before the characters are Eidolons or just before Naxitl has gained his portal power?
(1:30:40 AM) Plastik: and it sounds fine to me
(1:31:01 AM) Ximni: well, I kinda assumed you're there because you have some kind of power and have excelled in some way
(1:31:17 AM) Gemini: Sounds good
(1:31:35 AM) Gemini: Right, we are prominent in some fashion, possibly for being Eidolons?
(1:31:41 AM) Ximni: I imagine us as honored guests, and that how we meet
(1:31:45 AM) Ximni: yeah
(1:31:50 AM) Plastik: that works for me
(1:32:04 AM) Ximni: I'm famous for being a living library, I know everything
(1:32:19 AM) Ximni: that's why they keep me in a cage
(1:32:30 AM) You are now known as Naxitl
(1:32:30 AM) Gemini: In reality
(1:32:40 AM) Gemini is now known as Reln
(1:32:47 AM) Plastik is now known as Tenoch
(1:33:00 AM) MrGM [Mibbit@MagicStar-563A38.cust.tele2.se] entered the room.
(1:33:33 AM) Naxitl: Tenoch did great things in the arena, right?
(1:33:58 AM) Tenoch: Yeah was considered a major champion and excelled at most arena events
(1:35:20 AM) Naxitl: What kind of thing would Reln be famous for?
(1:35:33 AM) Tenoch: also somewhat infamous for his seeming quasi-religious devotion to battle and strength, so some people consider him a heretic
(1:38:14 AM) Reln: He was a former undersecretary for the Cardinal of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, which is (a, stolen from Catholicism, and b, something that's a cross between the Roman Inquisition and MI5)
(1:38:33 AM) Tenoch: Holy Spy
(1:38:37 AM) Reln: Yep
(1:38:46 AM) Reln: But, more like George Smiley, less James Bond.
(1:39:11 AM) Tenoch: ah
(1:41:22 AM) Naxitl: Tech-Pope Tetl III has arranged the most splendid Feast Of A Thousand Lights you have ever seen. The streets of the temple city of Colhuah are filled with music, the smells of exotic foods is in the air and thousands of paper lanterns are ready to ascend into the heavens tonight.
(1:43:30 AM) MrGM: Everybody that is anybody is there, and a rare few are lucky to be seated at the same large table as the Tech-Pope himself. After a long outdoors feast most of the honored guests scatter to talk amongst themselves.
(1:44:25 AM) MrGM: want more to set up the scene? it'll mostly be talking anyway
(1:45:19 AM) Tenoch: (so its basically outdoor feast full of hotshots talking in their own little clich?s)
(1:45:58 AM) MrGM: yeah, I figured a social scene would be the best to start things
(1:47:00 AM) Tenoch: ( that works, I can work with that, but I gotta use the bathroom real quick, i'll brb)
(1:48:19 AM) MrGM: general layout of major buildings in the city http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9d/TenochtitlanModel.JPG
(1:49:08 AM) Tenoch: (back)
(1:52:44 AM) Reln lingers among the the luminaries, his boney fingers gingerly clasped around a cup of spiced ale, traditional for the season. He nodded his head casually as Bishop Jor'un rattled off a rather biased screed against the lower-peakers. Whatever his own opinion of the poorer villages, Rlen hid them behind a benign smile and polite noises, such as 'mm,' and 'I see, how interesting.'
(1:53:43 AM) MrGM: (no Establishing Questions?)
(1:54:26 AM) Reln: ( Oh! Right. I forgot about those, sorry! brb, bathroom too)
(1:55:35 AM) MrGM feels like he was the only one to prepare for this session
(1:55:38 AM) Tenoch: ( are most of the people here of one mind politically or are some that represent more heretical factions present as well?)
(1:56:54 AM) Tenoch: (we'll get better)
(2:00:04 AM) Naxitl: (I hope so, it'd be a shame if we got worse :P)
(2:00:23 AM) Tenoch: (how do we wanna do the Establishing questions order? since its to the left? I ask -> who answers)
(2:01:17 AM) Naxitl: (counter-alphabetically, since I started things and that way everybody gets a turn)
(2:01:35 AM) Tenoch: (alright)
(2:01:50 AM) Naxitl: (Tenoch -> Reln -> Naxitl -> Tenoch)
(2:02:00 AM) Tenoch: (yeah, that works)
(2:02:00 AM) Reln: (back)
(2:02:22 AM) Tenoch: (see above for my establishing question and the establishing question order)
(2:04:11 AM) Reln: (crap, Ikea?)
(2:04:53 AM) Naxitl: (I'll jump in for now then)
(2:05:35 AM) Tenoch: (cool)
(2:05:56 AM) Naxitl: (some heretical factions got invitations, but nobody has been able to identify anybody from them yet)
(2:07:41 AM) Naxitl: ( what topics of conversation, besides the unfortunate death of High-Bishop Aztlán, are the most common this evening?)
(2:11:17 AM) Tenoch: ( Mostly minor pleasantries and banter aimed at forming lasting contacts but a few can be heard murmuring about the Tech Pope's seeming lack of courage in dealing with heretical factions with a few odd chime in toward paranoia about uprisings that have yet to even form)
(2:12:02 AM) Tenoch: ( essentially conservative worries that society may splinter if a stronger guiding hand is not provided)
(2:15:36 AM) Naxitl: (no more questions?)
(2:16:14 AM) Reln left the room (quit: Disintegrated: Computer has gone to sleep.).
(2:16:25 AM) Tenoch: (o_o)
(2:16:40 AM) Tenoch: (I was gonna see if he was gonna come back and ask a question)
(2:16:55 AM) Tenoch: (guess it was IKEA)
(2:17:23 AM) Tenoch: (but hey I can ask another question and move on)
(2:17:29 AM) Tenoch: (that work?)
(2:17:44 AM) MrGM: (sure, go ahead)
(2:18:52 AM) Tenoch: (Have any military types deemed it worth their time to stay after the feast or is the grouping now mostly academics and holy men?)
(2:18:54 AM) MrGM: (also, we are once again being way to detailed)
(2:19:12 AM) Tenoch: (we seem to have that problem, thats my last question though)
(2:20:43 AM) Naxitl: (the captains of the city guard and on the Pope's bodyguards are still there, but the other various military leaders seem to have wandered off somewhere)
(2:21:49 AM) Tenoch: (build you coffee table and get back online Gemini!)
(2:22:24 AM) Naxitl: (do the guards look like they're alert, or do they seem a bit more relaxed?)
(2:23:05 AM) Naxitl: (my last question for now)
(2:24:59 AM) Tenoch: ( The guards surrounding the most important guests seem more alert than the rest of the them, who seem to be more distracted by the paper lanterns than protecting anyone from danger)
(2:28:22 AM) MrGM: (this is one of the reasons I want more players)
(2:28:33 AM) Tenoch: (did the freaking delivery guy stab Gemini?)
(2:28:52 AM) Tenoch: (yeah i'm definitely seeing how one or two more could help so much)
(2:29:40 AM) MrGM: (I guess so. Lets do some RP talk and get some stuff happening. Jailbreaks don't happen on their own.)
(2:30:23 AM) Naxitl is sitting in a cage with golden bars, and is still surrounded by some curious people. He's been answering stupid questions from the other guests the whole day, and he's getting worn out.
(2:31:53 AM) Naxitl: "Yes, the alchdan treefrogs used to live that high up, but they haven't been seen there since the time of Pope Chapultec II."
(2:33:00 AM) Naxitl: "No, there are no ghels in Maglia anymore. They all died in the Great Fire of the Fox."
(2:33:21 AM) Tenoch wanders up to the cage containing the living library, eyeing the people who surround the cage. The rattle of his binding chains signifies his presence as he pushes through the crowd and sets his eyes upon Naxitl.
(2:33:51 AM) Tenoch: "I have a question for you"
(2:33:51 AM) Naxitl: "Ah, you are Tenoch, correct?"
(2:34:39 AM) Tenoch: "Shouldn't you already know that?"
(2:35:11 AM) Naxitl nods "Indeed, the library knows all."
(2:36:39 AM) Tenoch: "Then tell me, is it really proper for you to be sitting in a cage answering foolish questions posed to you by those with no confidence in their own minds?"
(2:37:19 AM) Naxitl shoots a glance towards the Tech-Pope
(2:37:42 AM) Naxitl: "Knowledge is sacred. Knowledge is power. Power must be kept safe."
(2:38:02 AM) Naxitl: "Such are the commands of the Tech-Pope."
(2:38:39 AM) Tenoch: "You sing like a bird"
(2:39:09 AM) Naxitl: "I have many talents, but singing is not one of them, I'm afraid."
(2:39:48 AM) Naxitl: "I may know every song ever written, but knowing is not doing."
(2:40:54 AM) Tenoch lets out a bit of laughter and stoops over so his face is right next to the bars. The Macuahuitl hanging from one his chains twitches and sways ever so slightly, seeming to threaten those who stand too close to him.
(2:41:09 AM) Naxitl: "Doing is your strong side. Nobody else has collected as many retsal tusks as you during a single evening."
(2:43:16 AM) Tenoch: "Haha a fine observation from the Tech-Pope's caged bird, tell me what would you do if you were free?"
(2:43:45 AM) Naxitl: "Knowing is one thing, experiencing is another."
(2:44:07 AM) Naxitl: "There are many wonders in this world, many things to explore and enjoy."
(2:45:19 AM) Tenoch: "Well then, lets just see if I have the virtue of being right this time!"
(2:46:18 AM) MrGM: The guards step up next to you. "Sir, please step away from the cage."
(2:46:41 AM) Tenoch: "or what?"
(2:47:18 AM) MrGM: "Our orders are to keep guests at a safe distance from the cage."
(2:48:25 AM) Tenoch: "So boring, so boring, the world falls apart around you and you don't have the courage to grasp it, Everyone seems to like to sit on high chairs and stagnate. Well I think you are a bunch of cowards."
(2:49:01 AM) Tenoch stands up and faces the guard down while the chain attached to the Macuahuitl at his side, twitches to life and swings wildly at the cage.
(2:49:22 AM) Naxitl looks at Tenoch and sees a possible answer, but now is not the time
(2:50:12 AM) Tenoch: (he's just aiming to cut one of the bars to make a point)
(2:50:21 AM) Tenoch: (do I need to draw for that?)
(2:50:37 AM) MrGM: The guard answers "Please calm down sir, you're upsetting the guests."
(2:51:01 AM) MrGM: (I'll allow it, rule of cool)
(2:52:48 AM) Tenoch eyes the single cut bar and Naxitl as the Macuahuitl falls back lifelessly to his side. He then eyes the guard and takes a step away from the cage. "You should probably fix that, The Tech Pope's bird might fly away"
(2:53:59 AM) MrGM: (I wish IKEA-boy would come back now, I have a nice transition to the next scene)
(2:54:51 AM) Tenoch: (wanna wait for him for a minute and hope he finds the missing screw piece that fits into peg hole B3?)
(2:55:09 AM) MrGM: (sure)
(2:55:16 AM) Tenoch: (I am seriously thinking the delivery man stabbed him)
(2:55:29 AM) MrGM: (I'll tell you about my scene idea while we wait)
(2:55:34 AM) Tenoch: (ok)
(2:56:34 AM) MrGM: (due to what just happened, the cage is moved to a room somewhere, and office or a small study or something, doesn't really matter.)
(2:57:31 AM) MrGM: (Tenoch follows to see where the cage is taken, and is thinking about giving those bars another cut or two)
(2:57:45 AM) Tenoch: (slice slice)
(2:58:29 AM) MrGM: (meanwhile, Reln has been closely watching from the shadows, he knows something will most likely happen, and has been sneaking around too)
(2:59:15 AM) MrGM: (the scene starts with Tenoch coming into the room, and after soem conversation Reln emerges from the shadows)
(2:59:28 AM) Tenoch: (sounds perfect)
(3:00:17 AM) MrGM: (jailbreak time, some sneaking, a draw or two for the guards)
(3:01:13 AM) MrGM: (the scene after that would probably be what happens when somebody notices that the little bird is missing)
(3:01:46 AM) MrGM: (this was what I had planned for tonight)
(3:02:26 AM) Tenoch: (sounds good, if Gemini ever gets back
(3:04:27 AM) MrGM: (he's been gone for like an hour now)
(3:05:52 AM) Tenoch: (yeah seriously whats up with that?)
(3:07:04 AM) MrGM: (well, maybe we could build us a new Gemini?)
(3:18:39 AM) MrGM: (Hmm… I don't want to continue unless Gemini is here. We can't really form the PC group without him.)
(3:19:53 AM) MrGM: (does Tenoch have somethign he wants to go find? some treasure or a rare monster or something? Naxitl could find that for him)
(3:20:34 AM) Tenoch: (hm)
(3:20:51 AM) Tenoch: (no but Naxitl's knowledge could be useful to his plans)
(3:21:20 AM) MrGM: (ok, I'm looking for good reasons for the PCs to stick together)
(3:21:55 AM) Naxitl knows everything, but does not always remember it
(3:22:02 AM) Tenoch: (aside from all being Eidolons and all having that inherent knowledge of Empyrean?)
(3:22:45 AM) Tenoch: (the inherent knowledge being that the world is broken and it must be revived)
(3:23:01 AM) MrGM: (there's an Eidolon in control of Cloudport, and he's content in sitting there and getting rich)
(3:23:13 AM) Tenoch: (fair enough)
(3:24:10 AM) Tenoch: (well Tenoch at least wants to revive the world and bring it under order)
(3:24:18 AM) MrGM: (I'm not sure all Eidolons knows everything about existence being broken and all that)
(3:24:39 AM) MrGM: (I might have missed that part in the book)
(3:24:43 AM) Tenoch: (yeah they might not all know, but I imagine Tenoch is one that has a gut feeling that the world isn't right)
(3:25:05 AM) Tenoch: (he doesn't know the truth, just feels that the world isn't right and that something needs to be done)
(3:25:52 AM) Tenoch: (oh and he wants to conquer Tonalan)
(3:26:35 AM) Tenoch: (but Naxitl
(3:26:37 AM) MrGM: (I think that vague feeling and dreams and such works best for starting PCs, and having them discover more as their adventures continue)
(3:27:02 AM) Tenoch: 's knowledge interests him because it is a valuable resource, and because he wants to know whats wrong with the world)
(3:27:15 AM) Tenoch: (yeah that works)
(3:27:48 AM) Naxitl: (easy, there's no strawberry flavoured milkshakes anymore :P)
(3:27:55 AM) Tenoch: (nooooooooooooo)
(3:28:28 AM) Tenoch: (Reln and Tenoch are probably not going to get along very well)
(3:29:16 AM) Tenoch: (sneaky priest vs combat mad warrior)
(3:29:39 AM) MrGM: (let mortal kombat begin!)
(3:30:11 AM) Tenoch: (well unless people feel like putting pure anima into their attacks or using magic…they can't hurt Tenoch)
(3:30:43 AM) Naxitl: (I don't need to hurt you, I have Portals)
(3:31:10 AM) Tenoch: (true!)
(3:32:37 AM) Naxitl: (I have this great idea about us getting two big round metal shields. I'll portal both, and them we'll toss one of them away, and then stap through.)
(3:32:59 AM) Tenoch: (ha)
(3:33:42 AM) Naxitl: (Getting off a cliff would be really easy. Do the sheild trick with Reln and Naxitl, and Tenoch would just jump after them.)
(3:34:38 AM) Tenoch: (yep)
(3:34:44 AM) Naxitl: (Being assaulted by flying rocks? No problem, just portal the shields and hide behind one.)
(3:35:04 AM) Tenoch: (Tenoch would just stand there)
(3:35:16 AM) Tenoch: (unless they are magic rocks)
(3:35:18 AM) Naxitl: (Portals are really good for quick exits too.)
(3:35:37 AM) Tenoch: (…Tenoch is kind of a munchkin)
(3:35:45 AM) Naxitl: (magic rocks? no,no,no… they're aether rocks)
(3:35:52 AM) Tenoch: (oh shi…RUN)
(3:36:45 AM) Naxitl: (Run? How undignified. A true gentleman uses portals.)
(3:37:04 AM) Naxitl: (No need to get all sweaty.)
(3:38:08 AM) Tenoch: (ok seriously Gemini needs to get back)
(3:38:10 AM) MrGM: (I wish we could portal to Gemini and check what's going on. It's been an hour and a half now.)
(3:39:01 AM) Tenoch: (no shit, is the desk/coffee table/night stand really the most important thing right now? or was it someone who seriously needed him)
(3:39:12 AM) Tenoch: (maybe it was the police and Gemini is really a murderer)
(3:39:52 AM) Naxitl: (wanna end it here or wait a while longer?)
(3:41:48 AM) Tenoch: (eh its up to you, I would like to finish the next scene at least, but jeez)
(3:42:51 AM) MrGM: (well, the next scene is an important one, so I kinda want to have him here for that)
(3:44:00 AM) MrGM: (do you have any suggestions as to how we could modify it so we could play it now, and still have a good way of including Gemini later?)
(3:46:04 AM) MrGM: (the way I see it, both you and he are the types of people who want to use others for their own goals, and having that "hey! you could be useful to my plans!" scene would give us a natural reason to stick together right now)
(3:46:05 AM) Tenoch: (hm not really, the scene progression as it is now seems to work best, the main problem with continuing in some other way is it would either be a solo Tenoch scene which is a little boring or something similar since someone is still all caged up)
(3:46:16 AM) Tenoch: (yeah I agree)
(3:46:26 AM) Tenoch: (hence why he needs to get back)
(3:46:50 AM) MrGM is a master at constructing narratives :P
(3:50:23 AM) MrGM: (I've saved everythign that's happened tonight, I can throw together an adventure log for the wiki tomorrow)
(3:50:42 AM) Tenoch: (alright, I guess Gemini isn't coming bacK)
(3:50:54 AM) Tenoch: (I seriously hope he doesn't show up and say he was building a table)
(3:51:01 AM) MrGM: (yes, feeding the wiki is my primary role in this group)
(3:51:11 AM) Tenoch: (wikislave)
(3:51:49 AM) MrGM: (it felt like he wanted to play…)
(3:52:36 AM) Tenoch: (yeah, who knows, maybe one of his friends stopped by with an emergency or something)
(3:52:40 AM) Tenoch: (I dunno)
(3:53:49 AM) MrGM: (I know he really wants to do a Dungeon World/Planescape thing, we've talked a lot about it while you were gone)
(3:54:22 AM) Tenoch: (I haven't tried Dungeon World)
(3:54:51 AM) MrGM: (I've skimmed the character sheet a few times, and I've got a couple of ideas for hacks)
(3:55:09 AM) Tenoch: heh
(3:55:19 AM) MrGM: (the major ones are a Naruto-based ninja game and a tabletop mecha skirmish game)
(3:55:37 AM) Tenoch: (well he's been gone for 2 hours, safe to say he isn't coming back, so wanna just end it for today?)
(3:56:01 AM) MrGM: (yeah, I doubt he's coming back tonight)
(3:56:23 AM) Tenoch is now known as Plastik
(3:59:50 AM) MrGM: (the thing is that I really want to play the game a bit before I start hacking it)
(4:00:13 AM) Plastik: yeah I can understand that
(4:00:20 AM) MrGM: I wanna feel like I know what I'm doing with the system
(4:00:30 AM) You are now known as Ximni
(4:02:29 AM) MrGM left the room (quit: Disintegrated: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).


Reln – Secretive/Treasure Box (stayed quiet and observed)
Tenoch – Boisterous/Towering (demanded place at the cage and confronted the guard)
Naxitl – Apathy/Grey (didn't really care much about what appaned at the celebration)


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