The exploring library.


Persona Traits:
Compass (7, Faith, Virtue, Light) – Maps and directions appear on his skin.
Portal (7, Wandering, Personality, Electricity) – Can open portals.
Always Prepared (7, Organized, Talent, Light) – Has a lot of handy things stored away.
Words Within (7, Academic, Talent, Light)  – Can read all languages.
Grey (1, Apathy, Drawback, Darkness) – Turn grey.
Babbling (4, Verbose, Talent, Air) – Speak all languages.
Handy (1, Helpful, Virtue, Air) – Additional limbs.

Personal Balance:
3 Lightning, 1 Electricity

1: Truth is sacred
2: A good deed is never wasted
3: Any means necessary must be taken to restore the world.


Home realm: Tonalan

Apperance: short man, skin the color of yellowed paper, writing 'tattooed' on entire body that shifts occationally, ears that points straight out, dresses in few and simple clothes

Backstory: large sacred library caught fire, totally destroyed all "books" and  the building itself, from the ash and rubble arose a single figure,  the avatar of the library, avatar kept in cage to "keep the knowledge safe", dreams about experiencing that which lies beyond 

Attitude:  Knowledge is power. Lies are poison. You have to break some eggs to make an omelet, but you can still be nice about it.



Spirit of Empyrea Ximnipot69