The Scarred Nesca Champion


Persona Traits:
Banneret (7,Brave, Virtue, Fire) – Spend an anima to allow all allies within sight of my banners to fight more proficiently
Bound (8,Dutiful, Virtue, Light)- Bound in chains that can be used as Tenoch wishes but that he cannot escape from
Industructible (9,Determined, Talent, Stone)- Skin sheens like metal, immune to mundane attacks (not magic, anima, or aether influenced attacks though)
Sure of Foot (8,Confidence, Virtue, Fire)- Never loses balance, cannot be knocked down and always lands perfectly.
Towering (1, Boisterous, Personality, Air)-No Emergence
Cartwheel (1, Reckless, Personality, Fire)-No Emergence

Personal Balance:
Fire 2, Light 1, Stone 1

1) It is my duty to protect the world from corruption
2) The last warrior standing is the most righteous
3) The cowardly are beyond saving


Home Realm: Tonalan

Appearance: A tall slim dark skinned man whose face is covered in the scars of many battles. The sun glints off his metallic like skin and the chains that bind his arms to his sides. Medals and small banners awarded for combat dot his shoulders, chest, and back, attached directly to the skin. He has a long braided beard of black hair that comes down to mid chest. A single Macuahuitl (Aztec Obsidian bladed sword) hangs from one of the chains that bind him.

Backstory: Tenoch grew up as an arena fighter in Mezatlatan, proving himself in combat and other contests of skill and strength. The experience became as much as part of his mind as the scars left from the contests became part of his face. After awakening as an Eidolon the concept of battle became a quasi-religion in his mind and he began to travel Tonalan seeking to end the corruption he perceives.

Personality: A fanatic to some and a heretic to others. Tenoch believes that whoever wins in battle must have been correct and righteous, until such time as they can be defeated. Corruption is weakness. Battle is sacred. Bravery is honorable. He is a dutiful protector against those who would exploit the people, a sword against those who would use cowardly means to seize control.


Spirit of Empyrea Plastik