hi-tech egypt/stargate-ish

Desert (F, fertile river+oases), Pandoran(D), Tyranny (D), Dire Wildlife (F, extra large African animals with some elemental touches), Militant Culture(F, might makes right), Centralized Society (S, temple cities), God Kings(F, Eidolon pharaohs)

sacred tech relics, implanted into the body, high honor to wear one, shortens lifespan dramatically,
green-silvery metallic disc, size of a spread hand, hold in front of face, breaks into bands, covers whole head as a animal-faced helmet, glowing red eyes, protection+enhanced senses, control over animals of the same type?,

cylindrical world, multiple kingdoms on the fertile banks of the 'circular' river Abbai, travel long enougn and you'll get back to where you started, god-kings rarely war these days but instead compete in building fantastic monuments



Spirit of Empyrea Ximnipot69