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campaign direction thing
explore our starting realm, find that it's being devoured by Aether, find the cornerstone, use it to protect/expand the realm, find out there are more realms, portal to another place
explore Mycosia, find first sign of Steam-city, help defend against invaders, go to new realm
explore Engai, kill giant beasties,help defend against invaders, follow into Steam-City
explore Steam-City, infiltrations, sabotage, destroy the heart of the colossus

real proper places goes here

Realm seeds
random ideas and works in progres goes here
Mycosia – cave realm with fungi
Steam City – steampunk, spirit-cyberpunk
Engai – dragons above, dinosaurs below
Sea Kingdom of Vrayne
Balbadd – Arabian oases competing by creating wonderous items 
Komsune – Eidolons as specially bread supersoldiers
The Walking Dead – zombies!
The Collective – we are the borg, you will be assimilated
GaHoole – mile-high trees and giant owls
Doom – demon-possessed techno dungeon
The Scar
Abbai – hi-tech egypt/stargate-ish
Parthoris – dark fantasy, resistance fighters vs the evil empire
Fairyland – fun adventures among the four seasons
Limbo – the place between life and the afterlife
Unnamed1 – primitive pirates ruled by inventor kings
Unnamed2 – high tech spy setting
The Great Black City of Aegos
The Great Savannah – sapient African animals
Ehdrigohr – Ehdrigohr-inspired setting
Unnamed3 – warring clans of amphibious jungle octopuses
Unnamed4 – outcast humans
Unnamed5 – Eidolon oysters create anima perls, giant lobsters guard

CoČ™mar – a nightmare castle filled with horror tropes
Unnamed –
Unnamed -

Main Page

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