Heretic/Shadow of the Serpent Riders/Hexen
Greco-Roman themes

Traits: ?

A mysterious plague swept the lands, causing madness instead of death.
Three brothers Menelkir the Loremaster, Traductus the Necromancer, Zedek the Commander, collectively known as the Serpent Riders), turned the seven kings into mindless puppets, corrupted their armies
The Sidhe elves resisted, got declared heretics, assassinated the kings, genocide followed as a response.
Menelkir took control over the Arcanum, Traductus the Church and Zedek  the Legion
Corvus, lone surviving Sidhe, acts as guide in the world, begs the heroes to help fight the Serpent Riders, has a Tome of Power
Start in Silverspring, the ruined former capital of the Sidhe, travel past the Hell's Maw, and into the Dome of Ezaln

gargoyle/imp, undead citizens, chaos serpents, ophidians, maulotaurs, wyvern, disciples

etheral arrows, dragon claw, phoenix rod, morph ovum, mystic urn, ring of invisibility, shadowsphere (ghost, noclip), timebomb of the ancients, tome of power, wings of wrath, Mystic Ambit Incant (+armor/hp/mana)

City of the Damned: Docks, Dungeons, Gatehouse, Guard Tower, Citadel, Cathedral, Graveyard/Crypts, Hell's Maw (Iron Liches are bosses)
Hell's Maw (vulcano): Crater, Lava Pits, River of Fire, Ice Grotto , Glacier , Catacombs, Labyrinth, Great Hall, Portals of Chaos (Maulotaurs are bosses)
Dome of Ezaln (secret lair):  Storehouse, Cesspool, Confluence, Azure Fortress, Aquifer, Ophidian Lair, Halls of Fear, Chasm, Serpents Keep (boss fight)


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